WP Remix 2 Premium WordPress Template

* WYSIWYG Page editor: No more mess up with code. Insert and edit page template directly from visual editor. A complete CMS experience!
* Smart Drop Menu: The smart drop menu in wpremix 2 remembers exactly where you are and where you came from!
* Over 50 Page Templates: Choose from over 50 pre-structured, strategically built page templates that covers almost every layout possibility.
* Dynamic Codes: You can even insert and execute PHP and Java script codes from visual editor following WP Remix code guide.
* Flexibility: Create different pages and have same sidebar, header, footer for all pages or you can have them different for each of them!
* Add-on modules: Built in such way, it accommodates add-on modules that you can use to empower WP Remix such as shopping cart, dynamic gallery…
* Theme Admin options: You don’t have to mess with the theme code. Set basic options directly from theme admin options such as Color Scheme, Feedburner ID, Flickr Id…
* Ad Monetization: The sidebars, blog and magazine module has strategic ad place holders that you can use to sell ad space or promote your own products.
* Printable Pages: All the pages and posts are printer friendly. The user won’t have to print those common, extra blocks from the pages and posts.
* Widget ready: Sidebars in the blog and magazine part of the theme is widget ready. Drag and drop widgets functionalities according to your need.
* Contact Form: The theme has attactive – pre configured contact form that is compatible with famous Contact-Form[ ] plugin
* Color Schemes: You get 7 color schemes to choose from (lot more coming soon). Simply select one of your choice from theme admin options and you get completely different look!
* Grid Based Layouts: The theme and page templates has been built according to 18 column grid that make your designs not only more beautiful and legible, but more usable.
* Famous Plugins Compatible: It is pre-configured and pre-formatted for the famous plugins like Contact-Form[ ], Page Navi, Gravatar, Flickrss, Post Rating, Author Highlight…
* Dynamic Testimonials: The theme page sidebars feature random testimonials. All you have to do is write your testimonials in a file and that’s it.
* SEO ready: Coded in a way that gives your site maximum exposure to Search Engines. The content part of your theme comes first in the page. Proper use of titles, headings..
* Pre styled HTML Elements: The theme is pre-stylized via CSS for almost every HTML element. You don’t have to style them, simply add a tag and its done!
* Clean, crisp design and typography: The theme has been designed in a minimal approach. Almost everything in the theme, renders via CSS. Its table less, its fast, its flexible, its clean.
* W3C valid, Cross browser Compatible: The theme is W3C valid, standards complient code. Tested in all the latest browsers, the theme works fine with Firefox, IE6+, Safari, Opera…
* Documented Theme Guide PDF: The theme is bundled with a detailed documentation of the theme. From basic modifications, to page template explanation, it contains all in it!







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