Create fully customizable, dynamic and unblockable DHTML popup windows for your website without the need to write a single line of javascript/DHTML code, using an intuitive interface and a wide range of templates to choose from.This product is capable of great flexibility allowing fast and easy production not only of all kinds of hover ads but complex informational multiple DHTML popups for the users benefit, with full content-switching and dynamic capabilities.

Advanced DHTML Popup creates popup windows which are:

* Embedded in your web page (non-intrusive)
* Unblockable by standard popup blocking software and browsers
* Cross browser IE 4+, NS 6+, Mozilla 1+, Firefox 1+, Opera 6+,
Safari 1.x, Linux konqueror 3.4.x
* Fully customizable with a WYSIWYG interface and range of templates, either at design time or manipulated at run time by simple add-on scriptlets.
* Able to display complex objects including Flash, Java Applets, iframes, external sites/URL’s, JavaScript etc.
* Dynamic including powerful extensible scripting capabilities. Can be used with ASP/PHP etc. for dynamic pages and dynamic content.
* Supported by the knowledgeable, helpful and friendly support of Digital Flow Software. We have a policy of rapid response to all your queries, and value your feedback.
* Used by thousands of web developers for creating DHTML popups and DHTML adverts (hover ads), as well as content management systems, information notices, email sign-up/opt-in forms, newsletter subscriptions and much more for their websites.



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