One Theme 1.0 (Premium WordPress Theme)

We all use WordPress as a CMS because its brilliantly simple, and easy to use,
but its easy to forget that it is after all a blogging tool. We at One Theme are
constantly pushing the boundaries of WordPress customization to bring you that
step closer to enjoying the simplicities of WordPress, but as a CMS.
We bring you features that are simply unrivalled in this area of the market.

Our customers enjoy the knowledge that purchasing a license for One Theme
will save them the hours it would take installing and implementing a competitor’s
theme. One Theme’s backend is so powerful that it requires absolutely no web
design experience, which means absolutely no hacking around in files you don’t
understand. Sporting an unrivalled list of features, and rock solid stability,
its easy to understand why purchasing One Theme is the popular choice for
professional web masters. Don’t believe us? We’re so confident that we will offer
you a free three day trial to decide for yourself!


Widget Ready
What about widgets? One Theme comes with two widget ready sidebars that
offer you the freedom to include and organize the widgets you want to use.
Take advantage of the thousands of plugins available on the internet and style
your sidebars anyway you want. Now you can bring this popular customization
feature to your own One Theme creation.

XHTML Valid Code
With One Theme, your site will be W3C standards compliant. W3C complaint
websites have a bigger chance of displaying properly in all browsers and
operating systems. This helps you to maintain a more professional image for
your website. Accessibility is also increased allowing you to reach more of the
people you need to.

Innovative Back-end
One Theme has a unique, purpose built back-end/control panel that puts your
website back in your hands. For your ease of use all of the options are multiple
choice, or use Ajax technology to make managing One Theme an absolute
breeze. Don’t be afraid to leave boxes empty, One Theme is smart enough to
handle the omission.

Boost Revenue
The One Theme Ad feature makes it easy for you to make money online by
adding support for popular pay per click advertising. Insert AdSense blocks
with ease simply by entering your id into the control panel. Hey, why stop
there when you also have the freedom of entering any custom HTML code
or text you like?


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