Cashcrusader + Addons/plugins

* Complete Interactive Website (Generic Template)
* 4 Separate Autosurf/Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges.
* Paid-to-Click.
* Paid-to-Signup.
* Paid-to-Review.
* Paid-to-Read E-mail.
* Internal User Inboxes.
* Ad Timers.
* Auto Login Feature.
* Rotating Banner, Text, Pop-up and Pop-under Ad Manager.
* Gold Membership Program (automatically assign unreferred members to gold members) Our gold program supports ANY ratio and distributes referrals fairly based on the ratios you assign. Great for offering not just gold, but bronze, silver and platinum memberships.
* Automated Member Sign-up – The sign-up process is completely automated – your new members will receive an E-mail to complete the sign up process and confirm their membership; as well as an e-mail welcoming them to your site.
* Automated Member Password Recovery.
* Automated Member Cancellation.
* Automated Member Crediting.
* All Website Pages (privacy, terms, help, etc.) are Included in the Scripts.
* Ability to provide Members with Sign-up Bonus and Referral Levels are Unlimited.
* Award by Points or Cash.
* Set Your Own Payout Levels, Payout Rate and Advertising Prices.
* Inactive Accounts Can Removed by using a set criteria by you.
* Stats page that is fast and accurate.
* Vacation Mode: Your members will be able to place their account hold should they be away for long periods of time.
* Redemption Page: You customize the redemption offers in your admin. section and they will appear on each members redemption page.
* Search Users Database: Look up your members by Username, E-mail address, first name,
* last name, IP address or Country.
* Manage E-mail ad campaigns Easy to use manager with a built in search feature. Send an E-mail to members – A mailer that runs in the background and allows you to never have to restart and send the ad again, even if your server restarts it will pick up with the next person it needs to E-mail and continues from there.
* Easier to edit pages. No more working around scripts, create your page in html, add a simple code, save as php and your done. The requirements are MYSQL 4.x, PHP 4.3 or higher and Cron
* All updates will be available from your free upgrades download page.


01: Auto Ad manager
A complete solution for pricing and creating ad packages, with this plugin, you can now create ad packages and organize under categories and sub categories, the smart dynamic pricing feature will automatically update your ad package price as your membership base grows, according to the cost of one click you pre-defined, and advertisers are able to target their ad campaign by country and interest and pay accordingly, Ads are created automatically for you, just click approve to send out a submitted ad.

02: SellnBuy
Cash Crusader scripts have two types of earning accounts; points and cash. Some members do not like points, and others like them so by adding this plug-in, members who do not like points will have the ability to sell their point earnings for cash to members who want them. Any sell or buy transaction is done with just one click, with no extra work for the admin. Admin is able to set their own commission made on each transaction by the members.

03: Contest PTC
This plug-in will add a new paid to click section to your site, where you can set a number of clicks that is needed to give a prize randomly. All members who clicked on a link on this section will be entered in a draw to chose a winner when the number of clicks required is reached, a click here is like a raffle ticket, the more they click, the more chances they have to win the prize.

04: Payout Organizer
After installation the Payouts Organizer Plug-in admin will be able to et the min. payout for free members, and for each upgraded membership level, when minimum payout are reach in any level, a request button will appear in the member’s area, after clicking it, it will shows how many payments are in front of her/his request that have not been paid yet. Also it tells the admin who requested payout, on which date, and tells what payments methods they use, all in one organized page, so no need to check each member trying to find his payment info. This plug-in also will separate cash request from ad redemptions, and will count all the payments made, and all the cash paid to members, without counting ad redemptions, values can be displayed for public or kept in private,

05: E-curency Deposit
After installing members will be able to instantly add cash to their account balances, this plug-in supports 5 different online payment methods, paypal, egold, moneybookres, stormpay and INTgold, admin can disable/enable any of these payment methods, members can instantly add cash to their account balance ti be used for redemptions, games, raffles…etc, accounts will be credited automatically after a successful payment. Admin can check all deposits made by all members, with the ability to search deposits history by username, or the payment method used.

06: Hall Of Fame
This plugin keeps fame records, optionally public. You can use the Hall of Fame to track users that have won contests or for any other reason. There are many possible uses for this plug-in.

07: Hall Of Shame
This plugin keeps shame records, optionally public. You can use the Hall for keeping a paper trail on terminated members for various ToS violations. There are many possible uses for this plug-in.

08: Paid To Search
This plugin is designed to setup and protect your sites paid to searches in 3 different ways.

* Interest. Only those with a “Search” interest box checked may gain access to the searches.
* Country. Only those from a country listed here may gain access to the searches.
* Proxy. Only those “”NOT”” using a proxy may gain access to the searches.

09: Cheat Report By E-mail
Additional anti-cheat checks, via html eMail, or directly from the CC admin. These scripts will scan your CashCrusader database looking for possible cheat flags and send you and anybody else you want to recieve them a report of all possible cheaters. These can be called as often as you want them to be called.

10: Contest Page
A contest page is good when you have contests on your site, you can offer your members, detailed info of each contest, results, etc.

11: Linkbox
Link box where you can place sponsors or advertising ads

Download :


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