JPromoter V2.9 – Joomla SEO Tool

While JPromoter provides most comprehensive meta tag editing options, it seems that in contemporary SEO world it becomes less important for gaining PR and SE (search engines) popularity. Nevertheless title and URL gets more weight on ranking pages. Pages even with low PR may appear higher then good ones in SE results if the required keyword is present in the URL, page title and page body text. As You already know the first SEO rule is “Create Pages for People, not for SEs”. That is why new version of JPromoter generates human readable and SE high relevant links, so important for Joomla powered website.

Joomla core creates its SEF URLs, which look like that:


Though they look like directories, they are still meaningless both for human and for SEs. JPromoter generates URLs that looks like this:


And note! Not only for core Joomla but for ANY THIRD PARTY COMPONENT!

Moreover unlike some other SEF components JPromoter generates SEF URLs on page display. Some components generate SEF URL only if the user clicks on it. And only after that always shows this SEF URL. This can be damaging if SE crawls your site right after you installed SEF component or index links that were not ever clicked. JPromoter replaces links immediately even if they were not clicked.


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