PVII Elevator Panel Magic

PVII Elevator Panels allow you to create collapsible boxes or groups of boxes. The optional animation effects are unique and expertly choreographed to make your page pop out. As far as widgets go, PVII Elevator Panels go straight to the top.

Animation Effects

The default glide animation features a scissors-type effect. Panels are revealed by being slid up over the current panel. For deployments that require a lot of content there is a glide with gradual stop that features a fast slide that slows as it nears its end.
The Rotator

Elevator Panels includes a Rotator option that allows each of the content panels to be displayed in a Slide Show fashion. This feature can be set to run automatically when the page first loads—a great way to call attention to what your panels contain by briefly exposing them. The rotation can be limited to just one cycle or can be set to loop as many times as you like and the interval between panels can be set in milliseconds.
Special Behaviors Suite

In addition to the automatic Elevator Panel insert and modify interfaces, the system ships with a full suite of Dreamweaver Behaviors that allow you to add control behaviors to links or images anywhere on your page to fine tune the behavior of your Elevator Widgets:

– Trigger Panel: Set a content panel to Open, Close, or Trigger (toggle)

– Open / Close All: Can be assigned to one Widget or all Widgets on a page

– Rotate Panels: Pause | Play | Resume | Cycles | Starting Panel

Download Links:

Source: http://www.projectseven.com/products/tools/elevators/index.htm


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