Adobe Illustrator CS3 Scripting

Adobe Illustrator CS3 Scripting
A script is a series of commands that tells Illustrator to perform one or more tasks. Adobe Illustrator CS3 supports scripts written in AppleScript, JavaScript or VBScript. Sample scripts are included in the Adobe Illustrator CS3 installer and get installed with the product. The latest available scripting documentation is provided below:
Adobe Illustrator CS3 Scripting ReadMe (TXT, 11k )
Adobe Illustrator CS3 Scripting Guide (PDF, 911k )
Adobe Illustrator CS3 AppleScript Reference (PDF, 1.5M )
Adobe Illustrator CS3 JavaScript Reference (PDF, 1.4M )
Adobe Illustrator CS3 VBScript Reference (PDF, 1.5M )
Adobe Introduction to Scripting (PDF, 674k )
Adobe Creative Suite 3 JavaScript Tools Guide (PDF, 3.6M )
Adobe Illustrator CS3 FlashPanel Sample
The FlashPanel sample for Adobe Illustrator CS3 shows how to script Illustrator from Flash using ScriptUI’s FlashPlayer control. The sample illustrates how rich user interfaces created by Flash authoring tools such as Adobe Flex Builder 2 can interact with Illustrator’s scripting object model. (ZIP, 562K)


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