Start your own business directory listings website with our newest version of BizDirectory (version 2) ! This release is more customizable then ever before, programmers and non-programmers alike should be pleased with the flexibility and features offered in BizDirectory version 2.x.
Administrator Features

* Customize directory locations! You can add a single country, city, state (etc..) or as many as you like. We include a pre-created list of countries available for easy import as well if you prefer to support all locations that can be easily imported.
* Create custom listing packages. Our flexible and robust system will allow you to create & control how listings can be upgraded by your directory users! Control number of photo’s allowed, listing color
* Create unlimited categories! Create unlimited sub-category depth!
* Subscription / sales history, earnings reports & management.
* User management controls.
* Toggle user listing automation preferences. Both automatic inclusion and require administrative approval modes available for user submitted listings.

Ecommerce Features

* Paypal ecommerce integration. BizDirectory 2.x uses Paypal’s IPN technology. You can manage recurring subscriptions or offer one-time payment inclusion. (note, BizDirectory can run alongside other IPN scripts & does not require your one and only Paypal IPN URL slot).
* Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscription options, as well as one time payment options. You create your own listing upgrade packages and you decide what kind of costs to charge. BizDirectory fully automates everything, from signup to cancellation.

Directory Features

* The directory keeps track of both listing views, and listing website visits.
* Integrated with Google mapping.
* Users can toggle number of listings to display on each page.
* Robust search feature, from simple keyphrase matching to location and category matched results or any mix there-of. Stylish and convenient Javascript “hide-away” menu for advanced search options.
* Easy to customize!
* Search spider (Googlebot) friendly page titles.

Listing Features

* Multiple category support ( a listing may appear in up to (5) different categories ).
* Logo & image gallery support optional for each listing.

User Control Panel

* Your visiters can create their own listings, edit / manage / upgrade / upload photos and view statistics from BizDirectory’s user control panel.

Technical Brief

* Note*This is software for your website / web server.
* Programming Language Used : PHP.
* Database Type Used : MySQL.
* Source Code : Open Source (Not encrypted).
* Server OS Supported : All.
* Documentation Provided : Installation Guide.


* PHP 4.x+ installed on your server.
* (1) MySQL database.

Optional Requirements

* Paypal account ( required for paid listings packages ).



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