Flashloaded UltimateScroller Pro v1.0 – AS 3 flash component


NEW Features Include
Scroll movie clips or dynamic textfields
Simply place the content inside a movie clip or dynamic textfield and enter the movie clip/textfield instance name as the scroll target.

Motion blur

Add motion blur to the content while easing. The amount of blur is adjustable.

Drag scrolling
Option to allow users to click and drag on the scrollable content instead of using the scrollbar. The drag direction can be reversed.

Mouse wheel scrolling
Includes built-in mouse wheel scrolling support (when not in a scrollable browser window).

Arrow scrolling
Option to allow users to scroll the content by using the keyboard arrow keys.

Auto hide
The scroller can be set to hide automatically when there is not enough content to require a scroller.

CS3 style skinning
Double click on the ultimateScroller PRO that’s on the stage to edit the skin by changing the colors or each element or create your own skin.





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