WordPress Pingcrawl

I’ve discovered this tool a while back on bluehatseo.com, but it didn’t quite work for me.

Now, they’ve made a better version which works on all my blogs.

This is the info from the homepage:

Theory Of Operation

* The plugin will listen to anytime a post is saved, published, updated, etc.
* The plugin on execution time will find all the tags on the post and perform the following per tag:
o Use Google API to check for ( 35 ) results with the tag name.
o With the ( 35 ) results it loops through them and performs the following
+ Does the result have a pingback meta tag?
+ Does the result have trackback somewhere in the source
+ (if yes to both) it stores the pingback xmlrpc location in memory.
+ (if no to either) we skip that record and move to the next.
+ Once their are 5 legit pingable servers we then append their links to the post we currently added.
+ We then retrieve the xmlrpc urls from memory, and execute a pingback.ping against the xmlrpc as defined in the pingback 1.0 spec. (due to the nature of pingbacks and php it is not a 100% guarantee. A lot of dependencies on state, server responses, headers, etc.)

Their are built in features such as caching google’s recordsets per tag, so you don’t have to make request out to google for the same use. And logic to know if you’ve already “PingCrawled” a post then on edit to ignore it, etc w/ a built in polling system.

1. Download Plugin
2. Put file in the wp-content/plugins directory of your wordpress installation
3. Login to your blog dashboard
4. Click on Plugins
5. Click on Active to the Right of PingCrawl in the list
6. Make a Post

Basically it gives you more traffic, this is very suitable for new blogs.

Works on WP 2.5 and up.



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