phpBB-X 3.02 Rev 2 – Pre-Modded Forum Software!

Thank you for visiting my topic. I am the creator of a legendary new pre-modded phpBB organisation called phpBB-X. Today is our release day of Revision 2 of of our pre-modded forum software and fixes major bugs and errors but finally includes a automatic link checker!

This is our second pre-modded phpBB and we have based it on the newly released phpBB 3.02. It has many additional modifications pre-installed and has modifications installed on most downloaded style, ‘AeroBlueX’ mixed with factors from the old ‘VistaX’ style which was for an older phpBB.

We have done some research before we started creating our pre-modded forum and found a large number of you don’t use the included prosilver and subsilver2 styles which come as default so have not installed modifications on those styles! If you would like to debate this issue, you can so by visiting our websites forum. (Links Below)

Here is the list of modifications installed:

    1) ACP Add User Mod
    2) Simple ACP PM Read 1.0.4b
    3) AJAX Chat Mod 2.0.0 BETA 8
    4) IP in Topic 2.0.0
    5) Welcome Private Message 2.0.0
    6) Categorize Announces and Stickies 0.3.0
    7) Contact Admin 1.0.0
    8) Advanced Last Topic Titles Mod 1.2.4
    9) Advanced Quick Reply 1.0.0
    10) Simple Topic Description 0.0.2
    11) Affiliates Mod 1.0
    12) phpBB Arcade 0.60
    13) Activity Status Mod 1.0.0
    14) User Reminder 1.0.1
    15) Email User on Birthday 1.0.0
    16) Prime Notify PM 1.0.0a
    17) Genders 1.0.1
    18) Advanced Meta Tags 1.0.0
    19) Link Hound
    20) ACP Announcement Centre
    21) Post Count Requirements
    22) AJAX Quick Edit

List of Other Changes:

New Topic Button in Existing Topic
Style Edited Highly (Complete ‘viewtopic_body.html’ refit, custom button set installed, modifications installed on style, bugs fixed, added features from VistaX style)

Installation Instructions:


Support Forums:


Demo Forum:


Download Link:




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