Panopticum Plugin Galaxy 1.5 for Adobe Photoshop Retail

Panopticum Plugin Galaxy 1.5 for Adobe Photoshop Retail I 3.35 MB

Plug-in Galaxy is a set of 20 plug-ins which includes an incredible amount of more than 120 basic effects.
The product has often needed functions like transparency manipulation, bluring, texture and pattern generation, noise creation, mirroring and warping. It also includes amazing metal, chrome, neon, pop art, glass, rainbow, sunshine and star effects. Besides, you can enhance, color, add differentshaped edges to your photos or even encrypt them. Last but not least, there are some effects like feedbacks, grids or zooming.
These more than 120 basic effects of Plug-in Galaxy can be adjusted with the help of sliders, check boxes, color dialogs, color grids and preview coordinates. This gives you have access to thousands combinations of potential effects. There are also 4 types of interface to match different types of effects.

  Plugin Galaxy 是一个有20个 Photoshop插件的套装。有超过120张不同的图片效果,包括透明操作,雾化,结构和模型的产生,建立声音,镜面和弯曲。它也包括奇异金属,铬,流行艺术,玻璃,彩虹,阳光和星光效果。此外可以给你的照片进行增加,变色,加边缘的操作。其他的效果还包括反馈,调焦等。


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