eCoverFX Graphics Package

eCoverFX Graphics Package

Brand New From eCoverFX! 36.8 MB

All images are perfectly legal to use on your websites, sales pages, auction pages, within your headers, ebook and software box covers, anywhere you like! Within reason of course, I mean you’re not going to be able to use a Windows or Linux image as YOUR actual LOGO, that’s common sense I would hope. But you CAN use them to signify that your new software works on a Windows or Linux platform.

Who can use these images, and what can they be used for?
*Website builders can use these images on websites and direct sales pages.
*Programmers can size the images down and use them in software programs they create.
*Graphic Designers can use the images within their website designs, on box covers, ebook covers, and other designs.
*Auction posters can use the images on their auction pages.
*Forum builders can resize the smiley images for example and use them as “emoticons” for the forum.

Folders included in this awesome package:

Pack 1

Pack 2
*Credit Cards

Pack 3
*Extra Devices

Pack 4
*Sales Promotions
*Search Glasses
*US Currency




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