Font Viewers/Editors and lots of fonts!

This is a huge collection of fonts.
There’s over 15.000 of them in this pack.
Some may be doubles, not sure as it’s simply too much to go through.
But it comes with FontViewer software, such as FontExplorerL.M.
This makes it easier to browse through the folders to find the font you are looking for.
It also includes font editors, like Fontlab Studio 5.
The software included may be outdated a bit, but it’s working.

If you always find yourself looking for fonts for whatever reason,
this pack will help you out a lot!
Not all fonts are TTF format, though most are.
The font’s together are an impressive 900MB, so like I said, you’ll have lots to choose from.

Font viewers / editors :

– Advanced Font Viewer 2.3
– Font Creator Program 5.0
– Font Manager Printer’s Apprentice 7.0
– Font Expert 2006
– Font ExplorerL.M (no serial !!)
– FontLab Studio 5
– FontMagic
– TypeTool 2

Fonts (more than 15.000 !!):

– 63 Grafity Font
– 272 Grafity Font
– Berthold Font Collection
– BitStream
– Deniart
– Disney Print Fonts
– Font Pack (unsorted)
– FontHead Design
– Free_Fonts (unsorted)
– GoogLe
– Graphics Designer 1000 Fonts
– Historical Penmanship Font Collection
– Hoefler
– Hollow Fonts
– KidsFonts
– Linotype Gold Edition 1.7
– Nick Curtis Fonts
– Pack 1 (unsorted)
– Print Artist Fonts
– Robert Schenk Fonts
– Skyline
– The Best And Most Expensive Fonts
– Unsorted
– Windows Vista Fonts




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