Mox Movie – Premium Joomla Template with content and module

Already Installed
– joomla 1.0.13 full stable
– com_jmovies_v1.2.5_RC1
– mod_jmovies_categories_v1.2.5
– mod_jmovies_mootools_list_v1.2.5
– mod_jmovies_pictures_scroll_v1.2.5
– mod_jmovies_stats_v1.2.5
– mod_news2-J!1.0
– bot_jmovies_v1.2.5

Not Installed but included
– artio_sef_ext_com_jmovies
– joom!fish_jmovies_v1.2.5
– plugin_jw_allvideos_2.4
– sefservicemap_com_jmovies_bot_1.2.5_RC1
– sh404SEF_extensions_jmovies_1.2.5_RC1

– includes all joomla tables and demo content from Mox Movies

README.TXT – Install Guide



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