My Blog-Latest & Best Premium Joomla Blogging Component for J1.0.x & J1.5.x

A brand new blogging component for Joomla. Work natively with Joomla 1.5 (without legacy mode) and Joomla 1.0. It is designed to be super easy to use, with tons of cool features. Completely customizable with themes and plug-in support.

– MyBlog frontpage that displays all blog entries with pagination
– Jom Comment integration
– Filter blog posts by user, tags, or keywords
– RSS feeds
– Trackback support
– Technorati pings and tags. Get picked up by Technorati!
– Simple and intuitive Dashboard for users to manage their blog posts, write or edit a new entry
– Option to open Dashboard in a Thickbox/Lightbox
– Upload images and browse existing images using MyBlog’s own image browser
– Avatar support (SMF, gravatar, Community Builder)
– Community Builder integration
– Joomla Content Mambot integration (Google Adsense bot, All Videos bot, etc)
– MyBlog has it’s own custom bot system!
– Powerful admin backend, ie set user permissions, manage all blog posts, customize which sections to manage using MyBlog, which section to save new blog entries into, etc
– Fast templating system, like Jom Comment’s

and finally, excellent customer support!
Look out for future additions:
– Joomla 1.5 support
– user-based template styles and settings
– Additional templates
– Atom implementation
– and much more.. !




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