Kayako Live Support Suite 3.30.02 with KeyGen

Kayako Live Support Suite 3.30.02 with KeyGen

Our flagship support product SupportSuite™ is a robust and flexible turn-key solution, allowing you to implement effective support channels, e-mail management and manage self-help resources. SupportSuite™ does this by combining ticketed support (web and e-mail based), live chat and an intuitive customer interface.

Key features of SupportSuite™ include:

* Clean, fast and intuitive AJAX-based interface
* Integration with Microsoft® Active Directory® (LDAP), vBulletin™ and ModernBill™, among many other third-party applications
* Reliable live chat seamlessly through a client’s web browser
* ViewShare to share a desktop view with a client via their web browser
* Robust SLA management, work schedules and escalation pathways
* Teamworking features for creating and sharing events, tasks and contacts
* Detailed reports and analysis
* Synchronization with Microsoft® Outlook®
* Integrate and synchronize with a Windows® Mobile® device



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