McGraw-Hill Online Study Guide Exploitation

by: DIzzIE [antikopyright 2003]

If you purchased a McGraw-Hill textbook, you may have found an
attached index card which directed you to the following webpage:


at which you input your special code as printed on the card, and
receive access to an online archive of articles/study guides/etc…

-How to get in for free-

Well, the actual membership costs $15/8 months. However, if you look
at the aforementioned website, you see the sample code given as a
demonstration is: postmodern-876543

Trying to enter that very same special code, brings up an error
saying you have entered an invalid number. However, putting in
postmodern- followed by any 6 number combination, allows you to
create an account for any book .

Enjoy your study guides and please share any rips of quizes/articles
that you make

And always remember to use a proxy for protection!


Comments? Get in touch: xcon0 @t yahoo \/d0t/\ c||o|m
(or call +1 (610) 887-6072)

For more knowledge check out and


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