Reading man pages in the current directory

Author: midan23

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Reading man pages in the current directory
ÊThu, Apr 3 ’03 at 09:57AM ¥ from: midan23 Ê

Sometimes you want to take a look at a ‘man’ page that is not in the MANPATH or in a directory where man searches for it … as a possible example, when looking at a package you’re about to install. Newer GNU-versions of ‘man’ have a switch for this, but the Jaguar-version doesn’t have it … so here’s a little shell script that does the job :
# format and display a file like man
[ -z $1 ] && echo “Usage : $(basename $0) file” && exit 1
groff -mman -TASCII $1 | less

Just put it in a folder in your search path to use it. Oh and don’t forget to make it executable with chmod +x script_name.

Hope this can help someone someday…

Article from Knowledge Base:


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