Light Fast-Joomla Template: Very clean style and fast load!


Lightfast is a cleanly styled, SEO Optimized template with Source Ordering and 9 module positions.

This design is intended for design firms, realtors, ecommerce sites and any other sites which require a fast loading template with clean graphics, typography and, layout to help showcase your content and/or product offerings.


Joomla! 1.0/1.5 Native!
XHTML valid/Tableless Search Engine Optimized
Lightfast will perform better in search engines and be accessible to more viewers.
SEO Source Ordering
Lightfast will perform better in search engines because search engine robot will see your page content before other less important elements of your page.
Tabbed menu
CSS rather than JavaScript helps more of your site get indexed by search engines.
Integrated typography
Clean typography gives a professional look, critical to establishing your credability and gaining vsitor trust.
9 module positions of which 8 are fully collapsible
Lightfast’s layout although extremely flexible is easy to understand so you can set up your site in less time.
4 color module color options





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