YooTools 1.0.x + 0.5.x


YOOtheme is pleased to announce the launch of the YOOtools Web 2.0 Joomla extensions. In addition to the YOOtheme templates YOOtools is dedicated to bring you premium Joomla components, modules and plugins to enhance your website experience!

All YOOtools extensions come with some amazing features:

* Include their own exclusive stylings right out of the box
* Can be used with YOOtheme templates or any other template
* Come as native versions for Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5
* Any other Joomla! Modules can be loaded inside a YOOtools module. This exclusive new YOOtools feature makes any module combination possible. For example you can show the latest news, a random product or login inside any YOOtools module. Think about it!

Here is a quick overview of our current Joomla extension lineup: YOOcarousel, YOOaccordion, YOOslider, YOOdrawer, YOOtoppanel, YOOlogin, YOOsnapshots

YOOtools is an exclusive service for YOOtheme members-only. A membership gives access to all YOOtheme templates and YOOtools extensions. So jump on and join the YOOtheme club today.


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